libertarian hackers, coders and designers

How Kochs destroy US

From Yahoo News  –  The Kochs’ nonprofit empire is building a network of libertarian hackers, coders and designers

SAN FRANCISCO — It was nearing 2 a.m., the AC had been shut off and the air in the century-old downtown office of Brigade Media, a tech startup that hosted a hackathon in conjunction with a libertarian tech conference here, was starting to feel heavy. A small group of unwashed, sleep-deprived coders toiled quietly over their computers while a young man in a corner was passed out on a beanbag chair with a laptop balancing on his chest.

The hackathon — an event in which teams compete to build new apps and programs within a short period of time — was part of the first inaugural Reboot conference where hundreds of conservative hackers, coders, designers, tech entrepreneurs and conservative political activists joined some of the nation’s top Republicans to strategize and — ideally — emerge with The Next Great App. As an incentive, the conference organizers offered $10,000 in prize money to be awarded to the best ideas.

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