What Kochs want?

The 1980 platform of David Koch is still the 2020 agenda of the Koch network and the Trump led Republican Party.


Social Security



Environmental Protection Agency

Dept of Transportation

Dept of Energy

Food & Drug Administration

Consumer Product Safety

Federal Election Commission

U.S. Postal Service

ALL Welfare and Relief programs



Minimum Wages

Compulsory Education

All Taxation

Privatize Our:


public roads

national highway system

inland waterways

water distribution system

They say that the only proper source of help is the voluntary efforts of private groups and individuals.

According to them, anything bad that results, like hunger, poverty, homelessness, lack of medical care, no medicine, no schools, and the destruction of our environment is our own fault.

ALL that is important to them is freedom for billionaires to pillage, pollute, and murder by neglect.

They use “charitable contributions” of $Billions$ to avoid paying taxes and further their agenda of ending democratic government of the people, by the people.

Their goals have not changed in 50 years. They have achieved some of them and are funded and organized to achieve more.


They are not interested in compromise.

‘‘ Despite its legislative setbacks of the past year, the presidency of Donald Trump has been stunningly effective in its core mission, the dismantling of modern American government as it has evolved since the Progressive Era of the early 20th Century.” — Sean Wilentz, Princeton University Historian

What we view as progress, they view as coercion

1956 Brown vs Board of Education – Virginia closed its public schools

2009 Koch network operatives Americans for Prosperity tried to re-segregate the Wake Forest public schools under the banner of “no busing” – they lost!!

Through ALEC they advanced synchronized proposals in 41 states in the form of 180 bills to restrict voting

They seek to reverse engineer all of the United States, state and national, back to the political economy and oligarchic governance of mid-19th century Virginia

They seek to “save capitalism from democracy” by destroying our democracy!