Un-Chain our Democracy

For a video of a talk by Nancy from this past January, follow this link to YouTube

Frank spoke recently about unchaining democracy. Here is a link to the slides

Competition to subvert democracy
Subverting Democracy

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This web site was started by people who are motivated by the book Democracy in Chains by Nancy MacLean (click for review), about how the Koch brothers and their network of billionaires have gained and are gaining even more power over the government and people of the United States, destroying our environment and our democracy.

We call upon you and every other person who cares to be free from the tyranny of the secretive Koch network, to help any of these Counter-Koch groups (click) or engage in any political or reform activity that counters the actions of the Koch network (click).

Take action to expose and educate your family, friends, community, state, and government to STOP the Kochs and their ilk from destroying all that we care about, including the earth itself (click).

Here is a video of Nancy MacLean speaking earlier this year.

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