Covid, Koch, & Corpses

How Kochs destroy US

Those who justifiably rail against Trump’s refusal to mobilize government resources to fight Covid-19, miss the underlying cause of his distractions and inaction.  He became and remains president only because the Koch network mobilized its vast resources to support him in the election, to staff his cabinet, the White House, and the Supreme Court with their adherents, and to supply them with their foundational ideas; that science should be denied if it interferes with profit, and that it is not the job of government to meet peoples’ needs.

Every battle that we shouldn’t need to be fighting — to secure PPE, masks, respirators, and funding for hospitals– is just a skirmish in a larger war that the Koch / billionaires army has been waging since Ronald Reagan; to gut the government and to rely on private corporation to provide (poorly) for us, without leadership or coordination.  

Outrageously priced drugs, no national plan to fight the epidemic, attacks on Social Security, undoing protection of air and water, coordinated efforts to gerrymander and deny voting rights, armed thugs in the Michigan state house, denigrating medical and climate science, and 80,000 deaths to date –all can all be attributed to the alliance of Koch & Trump..

As the death toll soars and the economy sinks into self-inflicted ruin, it is necessary but not sufficient to defeat Trump and his Capital Hill enablers.  If we hope to save the nation, we need to recognize the many tentacles of the Koch / Billionaire network in the background and engage them in a coordinated way.

The Democrats have yet to do this. 80,000 deaths and a ruined economy are not attributable solely to Trump, and the problems of our nation and world will not be stopped even by defeating him in November..

3 thoughts on “Covid, Koch, & Corpses

  1. Yes, the Kochs are clever, organized, very rich, and absolutely up to no good. But so many more evil players are on the roster, Mitch McConnell as much as anyone. Betsy Devos. Stephen Miller. Giulinani. And etc.

  2. Monetizing and weaponizing Death itself is the Motto and fundamental policy of the Koch/Trump junta. Let’s hope it’s not too late….

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