Do only billionaire lives matter?

How Kochs destroy US

On our website and in our Newsletters  we have tried to expose the billionaire Libertarian / right wing/ Koch network that has gained control of Trump’s Republican party and works to undermine our democracy.  Their agenda can be summarized by the title of this article.  The Black Lives Matter movement is the most direct and far reaching challenge to billionaire power in many years.  Click here to see ways you can help.

Everything the billionaire Koch network does harms the poor.  Their science denial has led to 115,000 Covid-19 unnecessary deaths in the US, disproportionately Black. They have cut funding for Obamacare, housing, and public schools to the detriment of most Black people and other poor. They have given massive tax cuts and subsidies to the biggest corporations and military funding to police departments to break Geneva Conventions by gassing peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors.  When only billionaires’ lives matter, then nobody else’s do, especially Black Lives. For more details, see Rod Kessler’s article below.

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