Reconstruct Democracy

In Donald Cohen’s book Dismantling Democracy (downloadable for free here) he proposes “Ten Strategies for Progress” (p.41) towards a “governing philosophy that describes how the world works and the role that government institutions and action should play.”

We need to discuss these!

He points out that the far right has stolen our very language. Freedom used to mean freedom for everyone. Now it means that billionaires should be free to pollute, steal our natural resources, use their wealth to buy elections, and not to pay taxes (see the Libertarian platform).

We must restore the meaning of the words themselves: Freedom, Responsibility, Democracy, and Government.

Here are Cohen’s ten strategies:

1 Reclaim Freedom: Reengage in the Battle of Ideas

2 Keep Up the Assault on Failed Ideas

3 Turn Our Ideas and Values into a New Conventional Wisdom

4 Be Defenders and Reformers of Government, not Attackers

5 Distinguish Between the Control of Government and the Democratic Idea of Government

6 What we Do adds up to More than the Sum of Its Parts

7 Embrace Strategic Incrementalism: Chart a Path Toward the Future We Want

8 Build the Base for Democracy: Gain Power through Numbers

9 Culture and Music Aren’t Add-ons – The Are Our Heart and Soul

10 Plant Before Harvesting: Focus on the Work that Gives Meaning to Ourselves and to Elections

With the author’s permission, here is the book for free as a downloadable pdf:

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