Betting our Lives

How Kochs destroy US

A Koch inspired Trump strategy of gutting the CDC and ignoring science and medical experts, or a strategy based upon medical science and good government.  Which do we prefer? We are betting our lives on it.

Heather Cox Richardson

March 11

“…If we can slow (Covid19) down, we can help to make sure that hospitals are not overwhelmed all at once with people who need attention.

The comparison people are making these days is between Philadelphia and St. Louis during the 1918 flu epidemic. In Philadelphia, the city’s public health commissioner, a political appointee, did not want to hurt public morale by cancelling public events. On September 28, the city held a big parade to raise money for the Liberty Bonds that were funding WWI, and 200,000 people attended. Two days later, people started to die. On October 3, city leaders closed down the city, but it was too late to stop the spread of the influenza. By the end of the season, 12,000 Philadelphians had died. In St. Louis, in contrast, the public health commissioner shut down the city. Drawing the wrath of local businessmen, he shut down schools, sporting events, bars, and movie theaters. People in St. Louis still got sick, but the infection rate was slow enough that the sick got treatment; the infections did not spike. At the end of the season 1,700 people died of the flu in St. Louis, half the rate in Philadelphia.”

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