UU Church – August 4, 2019

How Kochs destroy US

We are connected. To one another, to the church, to our community, to institutions within our community, to our state, our country, to all countries and peoples, to all living things, and to the universe itself. This compels us to engage in struggles for justice, including the struggle for the future of this country and the planet.

How to Reconstruct Democracy?

Representative democracy and government of, by, and for the people (such as it is) can no longer survive without mass participation and action!  Nor can the planet.

If we don’t defend the ideas and institutions of effective government and democracy, who will?

5 ideas for us:

1 Read Nancy’s book, or at least the book review on this website.

2 Bring Nancy here (Boston North  Shore) to speak in the spring.

3 Read Donald Cohen’s book, Dismantling Democracy, especially Chapter 2. 

4 Participate in and support organizations on the Counter Koch list, and / or our  Social Action Committee, including with the Lynn Rapid Response Network, or with any of thousands of other local, state, and federal efforts.

5 Have a church discussion and action group focused on both books – to address how to rebuild our country.

6 Make fun, joy, music, and love of our necessary work.