UnKoch my Campus – a note

How Kochs destroy US

Earlier this month, activists from UnKoch My Campus ran a webinar about free speech on university campuses and what the Kochs are doing to suppress it. “Campus Free Speech bills,” they warn, “are popping up across the country demanding that college students be punished for disrupting speakers on campus. This corporate-backed movement is propagating White Supremacy by protecting hate speech, and its being driven by the Koch network.” 

Topics in the webinar included these:

who is behind the rise of White Supremacist speakers on campuses across the country;

how the wealthy elite are criminalizing campus activism;

how the “Campus Free Speech” movement fits into a larger campaign by the Koch network to leverage our colleges and universities to benefit their corporate bottom-lines;

what students and faculty can do to protect themselves and fight back!

This webinar also featured student and faculty sharing their personal experiences of being threatened by the Koch network on campus and how they’re organizing their peers to take action. 

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UnKoch My Campus is a cooperative campaign dedicated to disrupting corporate influence on campuses nationwide by equipping campus activists with education, skills, and ecosystems of solidarity. The Koch network is leveraging its donations to colleges and universities to bolster its corporate agenda to halt action on climate change, put hundreds of thousands of people in prison, deny millions of people healthcare, and strip rights and wages from workers globally. We’re building a mass movement of young people who are dedicated to disrupting this harm. 

Contact:  jasmine@unkochmycampus.org

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