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  1. I’ve been aware of what the Koch Industries are doing ever since Trump was “elected.” I started looking into why republicans were behaving so
    bizarrely and it wasn’t hard to figure it out. But it’s not just the Kochs. It’s the Mercers, a wealthy father/daughter team who dedicated themselves
    to fanatic evangelicalism and have been buying up local news tv stations all over the country. They then force each local news station to read partisan, religious statements on-air. It’s Steve Bannon who’s website I looked at after he kept popping up in news about Trump. At that time his website stated that there will be an apocalyptic event of some kind after which there will be a “new world order.” Steven Miller is affiliated with both Bannon and Breitbart. The DeVos family is
    part of this cadre of extremists. Sec. of Education Betsy DeVos’s brother is Eric Prince.
    He owned Blackwater, a company that provided mercenaries to fight in Iraq & Afghanistan.
    Eventually it was obvious Blackwater was engaged in very shady, probably corrupt dealings causing Prince to shut it down. He now owns a similar company located in China. There were reports right after Trump was “elected” that Prince was meeting with some members of the Russian mob along with Trump, Jr. Also Prince
    was interviewed, I think by Mueller’s investigators. Then there’s Nigel Farage in the UK
    doing the same thing there. The point being to divide Americans & the British and turn them and us against each other internally in order to destabilize us. The heart of what drives the Kochs is their belief in Libertarian politics.
    What that means is that the Kochs & friends do
    not think they should have to pay taxes for the benefit of their fellow Americans. They believe if you can’t afford to pay for something, you can’t have it. In other words they don’t believe there should be any public schools. All schools from kindergarten up should be private. They are behind the defunding of Medicare & Obamacare which is being done by executive order without any input from Congress. They are the people pushing to end social security. Social security has no effect on the federal budget. It isn’t funded by our taxes. The money that goes into social security is from each worker’s salary and directly from the employer. That’s it. So doing away with social security is just plain mean.
    There’s more, but it’s so voluminous I’ll stop here.


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