From the Right – Heritage

Trump accepted many “recommendations” from Heritage! February 10, 2020 from The Agenda Good morning from Washington, D.C.! In last week’s State of the Union address, President Trump laid out the positive effects his policies have had on the economy, national security, judicial appointments, and other areas—many of which were based on Heritage’s research and recommendations […]

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From the Right – WaPo:

Conservative intellectuals launch a new group to challenge free-market ‘fundamentalism’ on the right Oren Cass believes conservatives have blundered by outsourcing GOP economic policymaking to libertarian “fundamentalists” who see the free market as an end unto itself, rather than as a means for improving quality of life to strengthen families and communities. The former domestic […]

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Will the Real James Buchanan Please Stand up?

In this month’s Reader’s Guide to Democracy in Chains, Rod Kessler puzzles over how the economic and political ideas of James Buchanan could, on one hand, serve as a justification for the Koch network’s stealth assault on the institutions of American Democracy and yet, on the other hand, earn Buchanan a Nobel Prize and a […]

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