About Us

Ellen Israel is a midwife and public health professional who has been engaged in human rights work lifelong, more specifically women’s health and rights in developing countries and domestically.   She lives in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA, She wants Americans of all kinds to understand the shadow government headed up by the Koch network and how they have manipulated things from policy to social ideas against the interests of all who are not the multi-millionaires.

Frank Kashner retired from Social Work after previous careers as a labor activist and software development manager.  He is currently focused on our democracy and seeks to examine both threats to and the potential for democracy.

Rod Kessler of Salem, Massachusetts, is a retired professor of English and a writer now working on the papers of Salem poet Malcolm Miller (1930-2014). Reading Democracy in Chains last year persuaded him to put his skills as a writer to  work for progressive change and to get the word out about the importance  of protecting democracy.

Frinde Maher is a retired professor of Education and Women’s Studies who has been active in various progressive movements over the years.  She is the author of several books on feminist and social justice education. She seeks to understand better the Koch funded world we face, to defend, rebuild and extend democracy.

Jack Weltner, MD, is a Child and Adult Psychiatrist, half-retired and newly immersed in helping Latino families stay afloat in Lynn, MA.  He is also planning with several local therapists to offer people spiritual psychedelic experiences. Jack sees this project as a way to help save democracy and create a more loving society.